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Invest in a Social Media business
Your chance to own a piece of Youtube or Instagram channel and influence content
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Why Invest in a Social Media business?
Continued growth from industry and revenue bloggers
By 2019, ad revenue should reach over $10 billion
The revenue generated from a 1 dollar investment should give 6,7 dollars
Minimal start-up investment. You are able to invest with as little as $10
Control and transparency of a blogger's cash flows. During the investment period, a blogger's cash flow is processed through a blockchain and a specific percentage is sent monthly to a smart contract that distributes the amount evenly to investors
Investment example:
Tokenized account: @turismospain
Investment amount: 3 ETH

Investment period: 4 months

Investment return: 5 ETH

Investment return (%): 66% (Annualized return would be 100%)
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