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MediaToken is an all new platform for bloggers and social media channel owners who want to grow their channel, their influence and ad revenue. Unlike other donation platforms, MediaToken enables channel owners to attract funding through unique revenue sharing agreements founded on blockchain, a new digital technology that enables the creation of 'smart' contracts with partners who provide funds and expertise in exchange for a share of ad revenue. Sounds complicated? It is not! If you have a computer, you are ready to go!
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Contact us and share your information and information about your social media account and development goals.
With a basic review, we'll give you an estimate of the average price for ads that might appear on your channel and who might be interested in partnership.
We'll tokenize your social media channel to prepare it for revenue sharing with investors. MediaToken experts will help connect your own branded token with investors interested in revenue sharing.
Use funds to buy equipment, travel for production or incentivize your team to improve the content of your social medial account to attract more followers.
Attract more and better ads to increase your revenue.
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